How It All Started

Let me take the time to introduce myself and tell you why I started this. My name is Chris. I’m am a college student studying to get my BSN (Bachelors Degree in Nursing). After graduating high school I went to a community college for two years in attempts to get an ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing). Eventually realizing that I wanted a bachelors degree and I was sick of waiting and waiting at the community college I decided to transfer schools. One night while writing a paper, I began thinking about the things that have happened to me since I started college, all of the the experiences I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned. I wondered why I wasn’t ready for some of the situations that I’ve had to deal with and if somehow I could have been more prepared. Then I thought about how helpful it would have been if there was something that I could have read that would have told me what I would be in for; I’ve bought a library’s worth of books and read as many online articles as I could find about “the college experience.” The fact is, there isn’t some kind of magical guide that’s going to tell you how to get through college, but there are sources that have advice from people who have been there and done it before. The problem is that out of all the resources I’ve found most were helpful but a lot of the information is scattered and so some topics are done to death and others aren’t mentioned at all. My hope in starting this blog is to share what I know, readers can comment and contribute and then this will be a blog worth reading. And hopefully it can help you to survive and enjoy what most people describe as the best and yet most crazy time of your life…


One response to “How It All Started

  1. Hi Chris,

    I think you have a great site that a lot of people will find very helpful. I started a forum for prospective/current students to post their thoughts/experiences on their school’s page. I think giving students the unfiltered thoughts of their peers is the best way to hopefully make a good choice or just let off some steam.

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